Look who is back – and has a performance next week!

Wow. So it has been almost a YEAR since my last post. Yikes. Really? Wow.

Quick recap… I have indeed still been singing for my supper even if I haven’t written about anything. Lots has been going on, actually! My teaching studio expanded (exploded!) again, I had some (but not enough!) singing gigs, Jeff and I have been traveling monthly-ish to Baltimore for lessons with Francois, family stuff has kept us on our toes, we became Godparents for a third time, I have been at the art gallery when not doing all that other stuff, and drum roll… Jeff and I bought a new house. Yup, that is why I have had no spare time for Singing for her Supper!!! It isn’t a fixer-upper, but it is a 40 year old charmer that needed some love. And it still needs some love… hopefully it will be fully loved by August when we plan to finally have a house warming party for the one year anniversary of having bought it. Amen!

Moving on… Shameless publicity time! And truth be told, the push I needed to get back on my laptop and reaching out to the world.

If you aren’t doing anything next Thursday, April 9 or Friday, April 10 at 7:00 PM and are up for a little bit of opera – and may I add moi singing some of it, then head on over to check out this fun performance I am part of that is FREE and open to one and all – – –

North Carolina A&T State University


The Music Department’s Opera Workshop in

An Evening of Opera

Metropolitan United Methodist Church

1701 East Market Street, Greensboro, NC 27401

April 9 & 10, 2015

7:00 – 9:00 PM 

FREE and Open to the Public

The first half of the evening will be opera snippets performed primarily by the students, and then a few numbers by the voice faculty: Van Anthony Hall, tenor and Sonya Benet Brown, lyric soprano and guest artists, James Edward Splond, bass baritone (down from New Jersey) and myself, Elena DeAngelis, Light Lyric Coloratura. Jonathan Emmons will be our esteemed “orchestra” on piano.

Selections will include arias and scenes from The Magic Flute (Mozart) Tanhausser (Wagner) Street Scene (Kurt Weil) Merry Wives of Windsor, (Nicolai) Porgy & Bess, (Gerswhin) The Saint of Bleeker Street and The Medium (Menotti).

The evening will conclude with the faculty, the guest artists, a recent graduate, and a current student presenting a 27 minute, one act opera called Signor Deluso  by Thoams Pasatieri. If anything could possibly capture the drama, the humor, the over-the-top emotion, the silliness, and the heart of opera in less than thirty minutes, I do believe that it just might be this! (Oh! And did I mention the high notes?! And hard intervals?! And crazy rhythms?!)

Side note – – – We have had maybe, um, eight hours of combined rehearsals?! This is ninja-preparation opera!

I play Celie, a young French girl whose father wants her to marry the rich, old man Valere. But alas, I am in love with Leon, the young Bohemian who has been off in Paris for the last year forging a life for us together. Uh oh… I suddenly think he is in love with someone else, Clara, the banshee married to wine-loving Signor Deluso… and he thinks I am married to someone else, none other than Signor Deluso himself! Thank goodness for the maid, Rosine, who keeps everything straight –not just the house; everyone’s love affairs!

If you are wondering how I got roped into, ahem, hired for this project… Van is a friend and colleague that I have known for several years now. We were in the American Singer’s Opera Project (ASOP) production of Mozart’s The Magic Flute a few years ago.. He was the bad guy chasing my kidnapped princess around the stage all opera. His daughters were very worried for me, one yelled out, “Leave the Princess alone, Daddy!” We were then together again for ASOP’s production of Verdi’s Falstaff, playing the secret young lovers. But, whoops! We weren’t in the same cast. So now here we are, after a few other attempts of productions that didn’t quite get off the ground, together at last. And – spoiler alert – he gets the girl. Hooray! Ha ha ha

I would love it if you could make it. This is a great chance to see opera from those just learning it for the very first time, all the way up to those who have been singing it for 20+ years.

And if you have never seen a full opera before, now you can say you have – – – and brag that it wasn’t three hours long!!!




You’ll be hearing from me much more often. Recipe updates, house updates, life updates, performance updates, studio updates, updates of updates…