Summer Session Calendar – June 1 – August 22

Here we go folks, the first official post for summer lessons!!!

Let me begin by saying this: I am stubborn. Ridiculously so. And for no actual reason. I just sort of decide something and then, poof! That is how it is. It has served me well in many aspects of my life, but, sometimes, I guess it is just odd what I get in my craw. Case in point? Google Calendar and the many wonderful things that comes along with the whole Google sha-bang-a-bang. I’m hooked! The same way I denounced it, I just suddenly opened my heart to it. Seriously. I went from no to yes, with no real reason short of an impluse to try it.  The same impluse that first said, not interested. And now we are happily ever after. (Cue weddings bells!)

So I give to you – the entire summer schedule!

Welcome to Summer Session 2014! I am very excited to get going. Reminder: No lessons June 7 – 15 or July 21-25.

{For any new people, I would create a custom calendar via Publisher every month to post.}

My Studio Policy Sheet as well as a Contact Sheet will be updated on my website by tomorrow (Sunday). Please sign and return the contact sheet with your June payment, thank you! If you have more than one student, please fill out a contact form for each of them. The Studio Policy has information about summer performing opportunities, which several of you have already requested. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! You’ll see that the recitals are on the calendar : )

Payment for June is due by our first lesson, which for some of you is the first week of June and others the third or fourth week. Check the calendar, wink wink!

That should be it for now.