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What to expect in the first voice lesson…

Regardless of your experience, everyone starts the first lesson the same way –

Singing! I ask that you come ready to sing something – anything at all! No need to stress over this – it can be Happy Birthday, your favorite hymn, ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’, or your favorite Beatles tune. I just want to hear you sing!

Breathing! We will dive right in to connecting your voice to your breath.

Vocalizing! We will ‘play’ with our voices and explore vocal range and ease in matching pitch.

As lessons progress basic keyboard skills and musicianship will be developed. Whether or not you can read music when you start, you’ll be well on your way in no time at all in that is one of your goals. Singers are musicians, too! Depending on the interest of each student, this can be a bigger or smaller part of the lessons.  We’ll find what is right for you in your vocal and musical education.


What to expect in the second, third and fourth voice lessons…

We will spend these lessons going over what I call our “Diva Do-s and Don’t-s”  – our main focus will be breathing, posture, mouth shape, vocal hygiene, and singing on the vowel. These two weeks are about creating awareness and starting the best singer habits possible. By the fourth lesson you will have some vocal exercises to start doing to train your instrument. Head’s up –  you will be laying on a beach blanket when we work on breathing if you are able. If you are concerned that this is too remedial, please know that I will move faster or slower as needed for each student. My elite singers have all assured me that this was significant to their approach to lessons with me so that we were “speaking the same language” since teachers can put things many ways. It also made them aware of some nasty habits that may have crept in over time. New singers like to spend longer in this area more often than you might think. I promise, your lesson will never be a waste of time or money. You are training your instrument in lessons – your body is your instrument. You need to get to know it! 



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